Basic info

My real name is Frode Trøan. PyroZane is my artist name, which was first ment to be my gaming name, but it turned out to be my artist name as well. I don't know if I like the nick anymore, but most people know as PyroZane, so I can't change it, I guess? I'm form Norway. I have lived most of my life in a small town called "Tynset" and I was born in 1980, and that makes me about 25 years old now... At daytime I studdy computer techology at college in Trondheim. Some of my main hobbys are composing music, pro-gaming (Quake 3 Arena) and some graphical design.


I started to track/compose music in 1996. I started with an amiga 500, with a program called screamtracker (or soundtracker? Don't remember =D). I tracked four columns music which pretty much sucked bigtime =D. In 1996, I got my first Personal Computer, and I was later introduced to"Fasttracker 2", and it took me about 3 years to start to make music with some quality (1999). Still the samples I used was only8bit stereo. It went another 3 years before I was introduced to madtracker 2, which I still use today. Now I can track music with vsts, filters, Hi-quality samples etc.

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